DVProductions / DVCuisine

Over the past 43 years, producer/director Nick Versteeg along with his team have created many documentaries.

With DVMedia, they created “The Bikini Atoll,” “The Legacy of Truk Lagoon,” and “The Maya Pompeii” for the A&E Network and Discovery Channel.

Next came success with their culinary documentaries for the FoodNetwork in Canada and the US. With DVCuisine, they produced five shows on “The Bocuse d’Or,” “The World Pastry Cup,” “Master Chef,” and “The World Baking Cup,” and for Global TV,” the twelve-part series “The Next Great Chef.” And many shorter culinary stories.

Today we have two production companies, DVCuisine keeps creating all the culinary productions, and with DVProductions, we are working on documentaries dealing with a variety of topics that impact our daily lives. ” A Just Society” and “Beyond Recovery,” two documentaries dealing with the opioid crisis, are great examples of the work that DVProductions is creating.

You will find a complete list of our shows on the DVProductions and DV Cuisine pages. If you would like to watch any of these shows, contact us and we will send you a link for the download.

Please also visit our Youtube Channel DVCuisine were we are always post fresh content.

Nick Versteeg

When I started my career in creating documentaries, it was all about getting that first show on television in prime time—the excitement of seeing the title in the TV Guide and watching it with my team.

Today I like to create shows we, as documentary filmmakers, are responsible for. That includes the narratives of lives fully lived or being forgotten altogether.

If I create stories that make the viewer care, then I have done my job.