A Just Society

A packed theatre watched Nick Versteeg’s documentary ‘A Just Society” on Thursday, March 28.
The documentary was riveting and held the audience’s attention for almost an hour.
A Just Society showed a passionate look at the challenges we, as a community face in our opioid crisis. Nick asked the question. “Why do we have this enormous problem in a rich country like Canada?”.
The film set the tone for the discussion that followed. A panel of prominent community members gave their views on the crisis.
The panel presented a broad perspective and the audience listened with respect; from the needs of the homeless to the concerns of business owners, to the despair of the addicted.

When it was time for public input, it confirmed how large this problem is in the Cowichan Valley ….. as in many other west coast cities.
Speaker after speaker, many who had lost family members to opioids told their story and expressed their concerns.
There was discussion about the complexity of the issues; but there was also an underlying impatience that not enough action is taking place.
$10017.21 was raised for the CWAV