Beyond Recovery

This documentary has two storylines. We start with the story of Dr.Fentanyl, the story of a doctor and a pharmacist working together with drug dealers in Ontario to make money by selling thousands of Fentanyl patches.

You will be surprised to learn who got away with it and who… died.

The main story in “Beyond Recovery” is about ideas on how to tackle our opioid crisis. For this, we show how countries like Portugal, The Netherlands, and Italy are dealing with their drug and alcohol addictions.

My message? “Why don’t we have these programs here in Canada?

We hear from First Responders about how the Opioid crisis affects them and how many overdose calls they had to respond to last year in BC. And we let people who overcame their addiction tell how they managed to stay clean all these years.

We have entered the documentary at the Victoria Film Festival. I hope we can show it and have a frank discussion afterwards.