DV Cuisine

Over the last twenty years DVCuisine has produced culinary programs and documentaries on chefs, farmers and food producers all over the world. We also produced a variety of documentaries on culinary competitions for the US and Canadian Food Networks. “The Bocuse d’Or”, “The World Pastry Cup”. “Master Chef” “The World Baking Cup” are all available for download upon request.

DVCuisine will continue producing documentaries and culinary programs. Our objective is to educate our viewers about growing and cooking with local seasonal foods. We should change from globalization to glocalization. We are working with chefs from around the world to inspire and educate you on living a healthy lifestyle where food is important. Check out: “Cucina Revista” a wonderful culinary tour through Umbria, Italy or “The Mystique of the Truffle” a 30 minute program on this delicacy.

Productions for Food Network Canada and USA:

  • Master Chef
  • The World Baking Cup, The Best Bread in the World
  • World Pastry Cup 2001 and 2003
  • Going for Gold, The Bocuse d’Or (2001)
  • On the Road to the Bocuse d’Or (2001)
  • The Bocuse d’Or  (1999)
  • The Bocuse d’Or (2003)
  • The Next Great Chef  (2005) Global Television
  • The Next Great Chef  (2006) Global Televisio
  • Bocuse d’Or (2007)
  • Cucina Revista, Italy (2008)
  • The Mystique of the Truffle, France (2009)

    Other Culinary Documentaries

    • The World Culinary Olympics, 1988
    • The World Culinary Olympics, 2008

    Documentaries on Food Security and Food Sustainability

    • “Island on the Edge” (2008″
    • “Food Security-It’s In Your Hands”(2011)
    • “The Edible Schoolyard” Independent production
    • “The Global Chefs Challenge”(Dubai 2008) organized by WACS (World Association of Chefs Society)