DV Productions

Over the past 43 years, producer/director Nick Versteeg has created with his team many documentaries. “The Bikini Atoll,” “The Legacy of Truk Lagoon,” and “The Maya Pompeii” for the A&E Network and Discovery Channel. “Resilience” and “One Man’s Dream” are just a few of the documentaries we produced over the past forty years.

Once Upon a Day Cowichan” got more than 250,000 hits on social media. “Five Weeks in Nepal,” The story of the devastating earthquake in Nepal, and the follow-up of the documentary “Nepal’s Heartbeat,” showed the rebuilding efforts that are taking place in Nepal.
We are working on documentaries dealing with various topics that impact our daily lives.

A Just Society” and “Beyond Recovery,” two documentaries dealing with the opioid crisis, are great examples of the work that DVProductions is creating.
With our fantastic team, we are looking forward to tackling many more productions in the future.

A Complete List of Documentaries

  • “Beyond Recovery” (2023) A follow up on A Just Society. Premiere will be in September of 2023
  • “A Just Society” (2021) The opioid crisis in British Columbia
  • “Nepal’s Heartbeat” (2019) Back to Nepal to view the rebuilding
  • “Five Weeks in Nepal” (2016) Producer Nick Versteeg’s  personal story of the Earthquake in Nepal
  • “One Man’s Dream” (2015) The History of the Malahat
  • “Seventy-One Years” (2015) The Loss and Discovery of the Anson L 7056
  • “Resilience” (2014) The Story of the Cowichan River
  • “Once Upon A Day…Cowichan”  (2013)
  • “The Bikini Atoll” 1997 – A&E History Channel
  • “The Maya Pompeii” 1996  – Discovery Channel USA, TLC Canada
  • “The Legacy of Truk Lagoon”  1995 (A&E) NHK Japan, SBS Australia