Once Upon a Day ... Cowichan

A collaboration between two across-the-street neighbours in Cowichan Bay; internationally known film maker Nick Versteeg and retired composer and arranger Eric Smith both of whom tapped into their local networks and found nearly 100 musicians and singers who were willing to go anywhere and do anything needed to make this project a success.

It is no mystery why so many first time visitors to The Cowichan stay to enjoy its four distinct but gentle seasons, the award winning wines, the plentiful farm gate fare, freshly caught seafood and a range of cuisines in its many restaurants and pubs. As Canadian poet Linda Crosfield wrote “You know you’re safe here, meandering through the seasons, home at last, there’s nowhere else to go.” Four distinct but temperate seasons, vineyards, a “fresh food” philosophy, a thriving arts community and abundant business opportunities – The Cowichan promises the best of the good life.

This is a 45-minute version (it includes the 5 minute music piece on Cowichan) but will give you a wider perspective on all Cowichan has to offer.


“Once Upon a Day … Cowichan – I highly recommend Nicks services to any who seeks not just an editor but an ADVOCATE, someone who will embrace your vision and do everything in their power to see it succeed..​”

Duncan Cowichan Chamber of Commerce